Managing Social Media In Your Job Search

The Internet can be a powerful tool for job seekers. With the rise of social media and social networking on the web, making essential connections and discovering how close you are to the job you want, is an ever-present possibility. It is important to remember that your presence on the web creates an impression of you, and managing that impression is critical to a successful job search online.

Millions of profiles are viewed each day in professional social networks. But not all exposure is good. Updating your profile, joining new groups, and following potential employers – actions many job seekers take – can pose problems if you’re not careful. With all of the social and professional platforms that you use, make sure you limit personal information.

I suggest these tips for job seekers trying to portray a positive online image:

• SEARCH YOURSELF: Try performing a simple search of yourself on Google and other sites, so you know what the employer will see, and remove any digital dirt you wouldn’t want a potential boss to encounter. If you can Google a company, they can Google you. Top results on the page will make the first impression.

• READ PRIVACY SETTINGS: It’s always a good idea to look at your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook privacy settings to make sure the information that is “public” won’t reflect poorly on you as a candidate if an employer were to look. Social media sites change their privacy settings often, and occasionally this leads to a change in users’ personal settings. It’s a good idea to regularly check the privacy settings for all your social media accounts, and consider tweaking while you job hunt. Keep up to date with this information so you can control who is seeing your data and how much they can see.

• BE CAREFUL WITH ONLINE PERSONAL INFORMATION AND OPINIONS: Once information is online, it is not easy to remove it altogether. Even if you remove information from your profile, saved or cached versions may still exist on other digital devices. Use caution with what you say about others online. Posting negatively about another person, business, or controversial opinions in a public forum can have consequences. Once you post a comment, it can be challenging to remove all record of it, and may also be evident in a legal matter.

My goal is to make sure you are ready for anything that comes your way. If you need my assistance, advice or coaching with managing your social media in your job search, please contact me at 818-389-1876 or info @

To your success!
Sean McCarthy
Jackson McCarthy & Associates, Inc.