SEAN McCARTHY is an executive recruiting and career consultant assisting all levels of job seekers. He focuses on job search fundamentals by using a specialized set of tools to match the candidate with the right employers.

He has 17 years of outplacement experience with Lee Hecht Harrison assisting people laid-off in planning a strategy for them to move forward with their self-directed job search.

He’ll show you how to improve your professional image and show you how to build a database of companies that match your career goals and the skills companies seek.

Sean will create a two-page resume beginning with a SUMMARY of your skills, not your goal. Your ACCOMPLISHMENTS will be in simple declarative sentences. Your EDUCATION will appear at the bottom of the resume along with any CERTIFICATIONS and LICENSES. Finally, you will have a list of the TECHNOLOGY you use. Your resume will reveal no more than your last 20 years of experience to avoid AGE DISCRIMINATION.

Sean is an experienced recruiter. He prepares candidates for interviews by showing you how to present yourself and how to answer tough questions, including your salary expectation’ and “what’s the next step?”. He will probe your weaknesses, and the two of you will devise a strategy to answer them.

McCarthy is a life-long Angeleno. He serves on Greek Theater Advisory Committee and is a past board member of the West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce and the United Chambers Of Commerce. Additionally, he is an elected member of the Woodland Hills / Warner Center Neighborhood Council.

Mr. McCarthy graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in Philosophy. He subsequently earned a law degree from the University of La Verne, College of Law.