How to prepare for your next interview.

I am a career consultant and executive recruiter with a lifetime of experience preparing people for interviews.

Now that “recruiting” is mostly an in-house function, recruiters are less incentivized to prepare candidates for interviews.

That is where I came in. I prepare candidates for interviews.

I work on issues and questions that all candidates need to be ready to respond to and strategies they need to employ, including

The ultimate goal,

  • Get an offer and negotiate a deal.

Preparation before the interview,

  • The location of the company and parking issues
  • The name of the people they are meeting with
  • The personalities of the interviewers
  • Critical issues for the candidate to probe, like why are they hiring?

Questions to prepare for

  • Tell Me About Yourself”,
  • “How much are you looking for?”
  • “What would your last manager say about you?”, and
  • “Why should we hire you?

How best to conclude the interview

  • Questions to ask that help determine whether you’ve interviewed well.

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