Don’t Bad Mouth Your Former Boss

I know things have changed over the past few years with the rise of the internet but there are some principles of common courtesy and common sense that have not. One is to be careful what you say about your former boss.

Employers never look kindly on people who have said negative things about them. More importantly, they are reluctant to hire people who bad mouth their former boss. The recent Variety article about former Buzzfeed employees complaining about their former employer is a good example of what not to do, especially if you want to continue in an insular industry where people know one another and talk, a lot.

I understand that you may be angry or sad but don’t rip on your old company. It makes you look pathetic. It diminishes your achievements at that company. Most of all it raises a red flag in the minds of potential employers that you are a malcontent, complainer, who will sow the seeds of discontent where ever you go.

My advice is the suck it up. Put on your big boy and girl pants and move on without the crying and wining. You will be glad you did.

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