The internet is slowly replacing the recruiting industry. In the past, armies of recruiters would interview, qualify,  present, and place as many as 25% of candidates in key positions across all industries. But now, companies are not paying fees for most staff functions, such as accounting and sales. These kinds of recruitment – the traditional niche of smaller recruitment firms – is being done in-house, via LinkedIn or Indeed (The Future of Agency Recruiting http://bit.ly/2kpR373).

Employers are glad to save the 20 to 30 percent placement fee, based on a new hire’s starting salary. However, as employers eliminate the middleman, they’ve lost the benefit of the recruiters’ professional judgment in selecting the right candidate for a particular position. Just as important, recruiters prepared candidates for the interviewing.

Candidates must research the company they interview, research the people scheduled to meet with you, and acquire the skills necessary to talk to impress potential employers, including specific questions around “Soft Skills” (Candidates Lack Soft Skills http://bit.ly/2itZry0). Today candidates need help in preparing to interview. That is where Jackson McCarthy & Associates comes in.

We prepare our clients by providing them with a list of specific tasks they must complete including researched the company and the people they will be meeting with before they go on the interview. We provide a tailored list of interview questions, especially those that trip up the best of candidates (Click here http://bit.ly/2y8oDzI). We also offer a strategy to follow up after the conclusion of the interview.

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