Are You Ready For Your Big Interview?

Are you ready to answer hard interview questions? Do you have a strategy for responding to a Human Resource Manager who asks how much money are you looking for? Do you know how to end an interview so you know the next step in the hiring process?

I will share my 30-years of experience to show you how to.

  1. Do in-depth research on the company and people who will interview you,
  2. Review practice interview questions so as to familiarize you with the process,
  3. Develop a strategy for dealing with your obvious weaknesses, and
  4. Conclude the interview so you know where you stand.

I will answer these and other questions in a one-hour online seminar scheduled every Tuesday evening at 6 PM, PDT.

To register for the class, please calling 818-389-1876 or click here


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Remeber, it is okay to be uncomfortable with the interview process. It is not okay to be unprepared.